Eat like a tourist, walk like a local

The Singapore crew: Allan, Me, Ate Maica, and Ate Pia

We take walking for granted.

I can now thank 1) my dad for not allowing/teaching me how to drive sooner and 2) my stubborn commitment to “when there’s a will there’s a way” mentality to get where I want to go, when I want to go. By refusing to be a victim of my circumstance, I took the commuting way out — which at times is much cheaper, more practical and less of a headache than going through traffic and being dependent for a ride.

I’ve always had ‘transpo issues’, but much like any other kind of issues, it forms you. Haha! But, in return I have conditioned myself to find the joy in commuting, which is one reason why Singapore is great. Their MRT and bus system is awesome!

Picture ready: Walking gives you more perspective

You can grow to love a city just by walking, feeling the pulse of the street beneath your feet. Rather than driving in autopilot, it awakens you to your surroundings. It’s lovely to take a car, and I would do it more often if I could, but a place is also meant to be experienced beyond  the walls and comfort of your four wheel convertible.

Luckily in Singapore that’s easier to do. Everyone walks and commutes. And by everyone, I mean everyone including the upper-middle class occupying not just private but public spaces too. A business suit won’t stop a Singaporean from taking the train. I’d love to see a barong one day!

Commuting comes in handy when the other trip you take around the city is a foodtrip! Walking burns off the weight you gain by stuffing your face.

If you find yourself here, my best suggestion is to eat like a tourist, and walk like a local! I thank Manila for prepping me to enjoy the little nuances that make up Singapore.

Itchy feet 

All you do is walk. One day walking and shopping through Orchard road will wear you out

“Ducks” crossing at the Jurong Bird Park. Waddle through?

On the MRT, the stops are lit to tell you exactly where you are. Lets you know which side is opening as well.

Ate Pia: The funny thing about sitting on top of a double decker bus is being able to see into people’s houses

Singapore is safe enough for tiny tots to skooter around!

Bike around Clarke Quay

Secret passage way? Nope. Lots of tunnels and bridges in Singapore!

At the end of the day, all you’ll want to do is put your feet up!


We spotted this telephone booth at Orchard Road. I popped in to see if my Superman would come!

Kiss the miss

Marina Bay Sands — an enjoyable place for everyone.

Little India

Heart spotting at Arab Headquarters.

Dear Manila, with love from Singapore. At Arab Quarters

There are only 52 saturday nites a year, celebrate food and family everyday. At Arab Headquarters.

Light a prayer the Buddhist way

Photo-walking around Marina Bay Sands to see it in all 360 degrees.

Food trippin’!

Although this is bad for the environment, ingenious way of packing milk tea!

Some refreshing ice cream after a long day walking through Clarke Quay. I forgot what kind though.

Move over Chili Crab! I Discovered the awesomeness that is Black Pepper Crab at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Clarke Quay. It’s not as messy to get your hands on, yet it over flows with flavor in your mouth! The place is pricey, but well worth it for sharing!

Bar Bar Black Sheep (get it yeah?) in Clarke Quay serves other cuisines but we opted for Indian. If I didn’t grow up with rice, naan would be a lovely substitute especially dipped in all these sensory sauces like cottage cheese and butter chicken!

Enjoy the lights, sounds and food from China Town!

One of my favorite hawker stalls is Lau Pa Sat! I went there 3 times in 2 weeks. Unlike the rest of Singapore, it feels more laid back and real in the kanto (street) kind of way. It’s where you would kick back to grab a bite to eat after work. Enjoy the Satay (Upper Left) and lots of Mantau (Right)

So much to choose from in Lau Pa Sat. Try something different like Oyster Omelette (Top-Left), some spicy coconut based curry Laksa (Bottom-Left) and Chili Crab (Bottom-Right). Enjoy something you never thought you would.

For something fancy, check out Mozza in Marina Bay Sands, which is the restaurant of the world famous Mario Batali. Here’s some trivia: The head chef is a Pinay! The crust is soft enough to blanket your taste buds and the zucchini flower with cheese is a nice surprise. Zucchini what? Zucchini yes!

Ria in Lucky Plaza has some great Indonesian food. They serve their food smashed with some sambal (chili based sauce). Enjoy the ayam penyet (smashed chicken) and empal (spicy curry-like beef ).

According to the New York Times, Din Tai Fung is hailed as one of the top 10 best restaurants and has branches everywhere in the world. That explains why we’re not allowed to take pictures inside — except for those chefs in an ehem, open kitchen. Sssh secret ingredient.

Hello soup dumplings, which is what they are known for! Quirky way of eating dumplings. One bite will unleash the soup into your mouth.

Eat like a local, walk like a tourist — sure fire way to keep you happy in Singapore!

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Some photos by Maica Facundo

6 thoughts on “Eat like a tourist, walk like a local

  1. Such beautiful pictures, Rica! What an adventure! Job and were talking yesterday about trips to save up for–Singapore looks like a mighty fine option right about now. :)

    • Singapore is quite picturesque. I think if you’ll appreciate more if you’re the artsy kind. Make sure to catch a show! You’ll definitely enjoy the food Ceej! From here, you can take a bus to Malaysia which is like 30 min away. :)

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